Weldr Clothing was a idea I had in 2016. The idea came about after I wanted to buy a cool Welder themed t shirt. After looking for one on google...I had no luck. Most t shirts were too plain, or too silly. I've always thought those t shirts with corny expressions on it about penetration were just all around dumb.

I thought to myself, "I can make a cooler welder t shirt." and just like that. Weldr Clothing was born. At the moment of the idea, I was far from ready to start printing T shirts. It wasn't until three years later and the first Weldr Clothing T shirt was printed.

I hope yall can find value in the designs. As a welder myself, I bring cool designs and shirts that can withstanding some heat and arc rays for a long time. I dont use FR t shirts because that would make it way too way too expensive...

If you want cool designs on a good t shirt at a affordable cost...you found the place!!


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